including the surrounding area in Northern Nevada and parts of California

Owning your own pool table can be a great idea in Silver City, NV area, including Northern Nevada and parts of California. Not only will a quality pool table last a long time and allow you to entertain your guests, but it can also look great in any den, basement, or other room in your home. If you are a pool table owner, there could come a time when you need service for it. Whether it is to assemble, move, or repair your pool table, calling the team with Bauman Billiards can be a great option.

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Assembly and Moving Services

One type of service that the company can provide is pool table assembly and moving services. If you have purchased a new pool table, there is a chance you may need to assemble it on your own. In this situation, hiring Bauman Billiards is a good idea. As the pool table can be quite heavy and complicated to put together, calling Bauman is beneficial as you will know that you have someone experienced putting it together. Additionally, the company can help with any of your pool table moving needs. This can include taking apart an existing table, moving it to another room of your home, and reassembling it.

Pool Table Repairs and Upgrades

Bauman Billiards also offers full pool table repair and upgrade services. With continued use, the pool table bumpers are bound to wear down over the years. If this happens, the company can offer a full pool table bumper replacement service with proper parts to match the rest of your table. Other parts that will likely need to be replaced over the years include the pool table cover, the pockets, and even the felt. If you need a pool table cover replacement or another part replacement, Bauman Billiards will use high-quality parts that will continue to keep your table looking and playing like new.

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Bauman Billiards has continued to service Silver City, NV area, including Northern Nevada and parts of California with more than 70 years of combined experience. This family-owned company is dedicated to providing great billiards repair services and can help ensure that your pool table will remain in good condition and continue to look its best.

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