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If you’re in the Northern Nevada area and you’ve just bought your own pool table or have found yourself in the ownership of one that’s been passed down, it’s important to keep in mind the maintenance that is accompanied with the ownership. With proper care a billiard table can last for a long time, but you may run into instances when you need repairs or need to relocate the table. Billiard cloth can tear, slates can break, pockets may need replaced, releveling may be required, and bumpers may need replaced over time. In these situations, calling Bauman Billiards can be a great option. If you’re in the Northern Nevada area give us a call.

Bauman Billiards is a locally-owned and operated business that has been serving the community with over 70 years of combined experience. The family-owned company is dedicated to ensuring you receive top service and that your pool table is properly cared for. We specialize in all types of pool tables and pool table services. If it has to do with a pool table – We can do it.

You can also be sure to get the white glove treatment everytime. We make it a habit to arrive on time, lay blankets down, remove our shoes if we need to, and make sure everything is left in the same condition, if not better, than it was before we arrived.

Pool Table Services

Pool tables are not light and can be quite difficult to assemble and move on your own. Not only that, but there is a matter of precision required to ensure your pool table is set up properly. Depending on who set up the pool table previously, you may have a great deal of work left in your hands. If you have ordered a pool table that needs to be assembled or moved, Bauman Billiards is a great company to call. With over 70 years combined experience, Bauman Billiards will be able to carefully take apart your existing pool table, relocate it, reassemble it, and get it leveled. This is also the perfect time to do your routine maintenance like replacing the billiard cloth and bumpers. Bumpers can become hard and crack over time and that is a sure sign that they need to be replaced. If you push on your bumpers and they don’t feel like rubber, meaning if they feel hard and cracked, they’re going to need to be replaced.

A pool table contains 3 (three) slates which allow you to level the table and on which the billiard cloth rests. These slates can be extremely expensive to replace if they are damaged and can even begin to crack on their own so it is of utmost importance that they are delivered carefully and safely. When transporting slates we ALWAYS make sure that the slates are held with care to keep them safe during transport.

Whether you have received a new pool table or have moved into a home that has one, Bauman Billiards can help with all of the assembly and installation that you need as well as make sure it is up to date on all of its parts ie. billiard cloth, pockets, bumpers, legs, and more. It can take a lot of skill and effort to properly assemble a modern pool table today and Bauman Billiards will ensure that the job is done right.


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Repair and Maintain Your Pool Table

Beyond helping you assemble or move a pool table, Bauman Billiards can also help by providing any pool table repair services that you need. With use over the years, any pool table will need some repairs or part replacements. Even sitting idle, pool tables can still age over time whether it be due to moisture, cold, or other environmental effects. Common parts of the pool table that will need to be fixed can include the felt or sometimes known as the billiard cloth, rubber bumpers, pockets, virtually any aspect can require repairs. No matter what your repair needs are, the team can help fix the issue or find the appropriate replacement parts. They will only use high-quality parts that will help ensure your pool table remains in great condition and will continue to be fun to use. For the billiard cloth we recommend Championship brand cloth which can last about 5 (five) years in home or 1 (one) year in a recreational environment. Following Championship we also like to recommend Simonis which can last about 10 (ten) years in home and 2 (two) years in a recreational environment.

You should never try moving or repairing your pool table yourself, leave that to the professionals. For all of your pool table needs, call Bauman Billiards. They can provide any assembly, moving, repair services, or any other pool table assistance that you will need for your pool table.

Assembly and Moving Services

Just one of the many services Bauman Billiards can provide is pool table assembly and moving which also includes leveling. If you have purchased a new pool table or moving a pool table from somewhere else, odds are it will need to be disassembled and reassembled. In this situation, hiring Bauman Billiards is a must. All parts of the pool table can be damaged in the transport including the slates and legs. Slates can be very expensive so we are sure always to treat them with the most care to ensure maximum safety during transport. While transporting this is the optimal time to decide if you’d like to replace your billiard cloth as well before the pool table is reassembled. Upon reassembly your pool table will be leveled for you and you’ll be ready to go. Bauman Billiards always provides excellence and will do whatever is necessary to ensure we keep the area around the pool table safe as well, whether that requires us to lay blankets or meet any of your other needs. We will do what it takes to leave the area the same or better than it was before.

Pool Table Part Replacement and Upgrades

Bauman Billiards also offers full pool table repair and upgrade services. With continued use, the pool table bumpers are bound to wear down over the years. Your pool table may even need to be freshened up if it has been sitting for quite some time. When it’s time to upgrade, Bauman Billiards can replace all 6 (bumpers), your billiard cloth, level the table, replace pockets, tighten pockets, anything you may need. Bauman Billiards is proud of their high-quality service and along with that will use high-quality parts that will continue to keep your table looking and playing like new.

Bauman Billiards has been serving Northern Nevada and parts of California with over 70 years of combined experience. This family-owned company is dedicated to providing great billiards repair services and can help ensure that your pool table will remain in good condition and continue to look its best.

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